Interview with Peach McComb

Peach McComb VisitCarmen Bellos, interviews Peach McComb an artist that has increasingly become better known in the art community. In this interview Peach offers insight and sage advice on how she got her work out there. Peach works mainly in oil and in acrylics and has studied with Frank Baggett, Anne Blair Brown, Roger Dale Brown, Howard Friedland and Mary Whyte.


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Peach is a member of The Chestnut Group of plein air painters for the land, the Nashville Artist Guild, National Oils and Acrylic Painters’ Society, Oil Painters of America, and Women Painters of the Southeast. Peach’s work has been published in the Acrylic Artist Magazine Summer 2015 edition and in the Northlight book Acrylic Works 2: Radical Breakthroughs.

Peach’s studio is located in Old Hickory Tennessee.

Peach McComb Visit Peach McComb Visit Peach McComb Visit Peach McComb Visit Peach McComb Visit Peach McComb Visit

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  1. Actually there are links in the text to her site and most of the artists mentioned. They don’t stand out though so I’ll make them more prominent 🙂

  2. Peach —

    Loved it! Nice job! Loved especially the fashion earrings accenting the bibbed overalls. Nice touch! Your confident personality shines! You should also mention that, on occasion, you do private commissions for wealthy, highly educated art lovers (and retired surgeons), even if they were at one time only in the Army! Most of your work pictured in the background is still very recognizable for being a flower, a tree, a stream, a house — I like that! Granted, that reflects a shallow component of my sophistication.

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