Interview – Samantha Ornellas

Samantha OrnellasCarmen Bellos sits down to talk with Samantha Ornellas.

Samantha was born in Cape Town, South Africa.  She came to Nashville by way of her husband who signed with a record label.  With the craziness of touring and life on the road she did not have the desire or time to paint. She did find a burst of creative energy when she became pregnant with her first child. That’s when she painted a handful of paintings.


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Finally at the end of 2010 Samantha made a resolution to paint one painting a month.  For Samantha each painting seems to spark more creativity and ideas. She has found that people who see her work are being encouraged as her paintings appear to reflect some aspect of compassion, peace, joy and hope.

Samantha won two awards within the past year at the same show, and another at Art in the Park in Kingston Springs last October, 2015

Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas

Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas

Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas    Samantha Ornellas

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