Nancy Hilgert – Visual Fine Artist and Founder of The Great Lesser Known

The Great >< Lesser Known is celebrating their first year anniversary of establishing the website and initiating interviews with local Middle Tennessee artists.  Nancy Hilgert, the visionary, founder, and co-creator of this endeavor, has been a major inspiration for artists and artist lovers alike.

Carmen Bellos, a co-founder of The Great Lesser Known had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Hilgert.

Nancy Hilgert was born in Washington, DC and raised in Northern Virginia. She was fortunate to have art classes throughout her entire education, choosing the Art and Architecture Department at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville for her BFA double major in Drawing and Studio Art.

Nancy is a local, regional and national award winning artist who enjoys competition, gallery representation and solo and group exhibits, while mentoring and promoting other artists. She started Women Artists of Middle Tennessee in 2009, a no dues, no agenda monthly lunch date that she organizes through email, providing a stage for networking, and a greater sense of community and collaboration.  She started “art docs” in 2014, a critical collateral service geared to artists which also includes marketing strategies, web site coaching and career development.

“Assisting other artists move forward is so rewarding and probably what I’m most proud of, “ she shares. “I’m so passionate about helping fill in the gaps, enabling other artists to move forward with their goals more quickly and easily. I believe that with greater connectivity and exposure to the very people and resources they need, artists are far better able to achieve their dreams, in whatever form they desire”.

Additionally, Nancy reflects that she is especially proud of her Nature, Wood and Stone series.  Dominated by images of story inspired by wildlife and historical places in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, they have brought the most recognition and awards.




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